In Progress

Behind the Veil of Decentralization: a Closer Look at Blockchain’s Backers (Article)

Status: being revised based on peer review
Presented at American University Graduate Research Symposium 2019
Selected for Student Paper Award at TPRC 2020

‘Not Ready for Prime Time’: Biometrics and Biopolitics in the (Un)making of California’s Facial Recognition Ban (co-authored Book Chapter)

Status: under peer review
Accepted for publication in edited volume forthcoming in 2021

The Techno-Logic of Solving Climate Change: a Critical Analysis of Geoengineering in the News (co-authored Article)

Status: revisions based on initial feedback
Presented at the Tri-school PhD Symposium 202, American University

“Compelled Traceability: Regulating Speech through Technology in India (Article)

Status: revisions based on initial feedback
Presented at Oxford Media Policy Summer Institute, 2019

Ethnographic study on the use of technology in a DC Public Library focusing on users that do not own electronic devices (Article)

Status: in development

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