‘Not Ready for Prime Time’: Biometrics and Biopolitics in the (Un)making of California’s Facial Recognition Ban (co-authored with Dr. Saif Shahin)
Chapter in AI For Everyone? Critical Perspectives, published by University of Westminster Press in September 2021.
Available online:

A New AI Lexicon: Muga adaiyaalam thozhilnutpam (face identity technology)
Essay in A New AI Lexicon, published by AI Now Institute in September 2021.
Available online:

In Progress

India’s #CovidSOS: Twitter as a Faulty Lifeline in the Fight Against Covid-19

Accepted for publication in edited volume in the “Palgrave Studies in Digital Inequalities” series from Palgrave Macmillan.
Presented at Digital Inclusion Policy and Research Conference 2021.

Behind the Veil of Decentralization: a Closer Look at Blockchain’s Backers (Article)

Presented at American University Graduate Research Symposium 2019
Awarded a Student Paper Award at TPRC 2020

The Techno-Logic of Solving Climate Change: a Critical Analysis of Geoengineering in the News (co-authored with Maggie Clifford)

Presented at the Tri-school PhD Symposium 202, American University

“Compelled Traceability: Regulating Speech through Technology in India (Article)

Presented at Oxford Media Policy Summer Institute, 2019

Ethnographic study on the use of technology in a DC Public Library focusing on users that do not own electronic devices (Article)

Status: in development

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